Kokosnuss für Wasser und Milch Pulver


In the tropics, where the coconut grows, it has always played an important role in people's lives, and the water from its fruit is highly prized. In Sri Lanka, a coconut has been growing for centuries, bred specifically as a drinking fruit: The orange-colored King Coconut has little flesh, but a particularly large amount of water, which tastes sweeter than that of other varieties. A few years ago, the tropical specialty was also discovered in Western countries: it was quickly regarded as a fountain of health, and from the USA its reputation spread to Europe. Sales soared; major beverage producers responded to the trend by sourcing from Brazilian producers.

A perfect ingredient for sports drinks and smoothies - rich in magnesium, sodium and potassium.

  • Coconut milk powder (also organic)
  • Coconut water powder (also organic)